The Corporation is an "industrial products/technology" company, which is focused on oil recovery equipment and oil & gas - waste water treatment products. The Company operates two divisions: an oil recovery division and a waste water treatment division.

Robix has developed two products in the oil division, branded the C Series and the P Series. Both products use Robix patented technology to remove oil from the surface of water. The C Series is an oil spill recovery vessel designed to recover spilled oil not only in rough and debris laden sea conditions but also in more contained environments such as lakes, rivers and tailings ponds. The P Series is a stationary platform designed to recover oil quickly and efficiently in settling ponds at production facilities.

The second division is the oil & gas waste water division which operates a three-stage Hydro-Cycle technology, which separates oil from water, then clarifies and purifies the water for discharge in an environmentally responsible way.

Robix has recognized a worldwide market opportunity for effective containment, recovery and disposal equipment, particularly in the oil recovery and oil spill protection industry, as well as the treatment of the contaminated water that results from oil and water in the environment, either in spill situations, or in industrial production. The business model is focused on Robix becoming a large-scale provider of equipment under leasing arrangements, with partnerships in the services related to operation of Robix equipment.

The Corporation is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the symbol RZX, and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE), ROX.

Protection of the environment, whether it is on land, sea or in the air is still a growing global concern and in the 21st century, more than ever, it is imperative that effective products and services be available. Since its incorporation, Robix has sought to expand its capability to package and deliver these critical solutions. Robix now seeks to form alliances with companies that have existing global market access but lacks a truly unique environmental product such as a high volume oil spill recovery vessel in its product line.