Management Team

Robix has amassed a dedicated and experienced team of professionals to lead the company into the development and growth phase. Robix is currently assembling an advisory team of professionals that are qualified and experienced in the marine and engineering architecture discipline in the “oil spill response” industry. This group will serve as consultants to the Company. In house expertise will be added as the Company executes its business plan and matures.


Nathan Hansen, Director

  • Mr. Hansen has been active in the capital markets since 1986, working with various teams of technical advisors, on projects that range from oil and gas exploration and production to revolutionary technologies and the patents that are usually part of them. Mr Hansen has extensive entrepreneurial experience in the formation and development of growth companies in the public reporting environment, and in the attracting of capital to execute effective Business Plans.


Robin Ray, President and CEO

  • Mr. Ray is a Certified General Accountant. Since 1995, Mr. Ray has been a partner in the general Accounting firm, MacNevin and Ray. Mr. Ray served from April 2001 to August 30, 2011 as the Chief Financial Officer and as a Director of MLB Industries Inc. Mr. Ray brings extensive business experience to the board.


Wayne MacDonald, Chief Development Officer

  • Mr. MacDonald is an accomplished Manufacturing Engineer with 32 years of experience in the areas of Research & Development, Product Introduction, Lean Manufacturing and Team Building plus 11 years Direct Sales. Areas of focus have been in Agricultural Equipment, Heavy Equipment, Aerospace and Mining. Under his leadership he has spearheaded plant transformations and startups while delivering continuous improvements to attain maximum output with the highest quality, lowest cost and greatest flexibility. Mr. MacDonald once led a talented team in transforming a 76k square foot warehouse into a manufacturing facility in 100 days, concurrent with new product deliveries starting the next day. As Sales Manager the last eleven years for an international mining supplier, he sold custom equipment across western USA, all of Canada and Alaska.


Wanda Cutler, Director

  • Ms. Cutler brings more than 15 years of corporate development, corporate communications/branding, product marketing and investor relations experience to the Board, where throughout her career she has held a number of senior positions in public companies including multiple alternative energy and junior mining companies. Ms. Cutler brings a solid understanding of capital markets and as counselled management and boards on joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, capital raises and other corporate transactions. She has an extensive network of contacts including, brokers, bankers, analysts, fund managers and small and large cap executives. Ms. Cutler holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Political Science) from the University of Ottawa. She currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Mammoth Resources Corp.


Karla Alva, Corris Technologies Mexico General Manager, Chief Operating Officer

  • Through Alva, O'Driscoll & Associates, S.C., Ms. Alva will, among other things, identify and present potential business-related transactions to Robix and Corris and assist with bringing such transactions to a close. Ms. Alva is focused on leveraging her extensive network to present potential business opportunities in certain specified jurisdictions, with the initial focus on Mexico. She is an experienced Senior Lawyer, with wide expertise in Corporate, Tax, Business, Securities and International Law. She holds a Conflict Resolution/Mediator Degree (Member of ADR Ontario and ADR Canada) and is a trained facilitator member of Conflict Management International of the Harvard Negotiation Project. She holds Masters Degree in Corporate Law and a PHD in International Law. In 2006 she was nominated as World Woman Lawyer by IBA (International Bar Association).


Brian Gusko, Advisor to the Board

  • Mr. Gusko has significant international business experience at the highest level. Previously, he was a research associate with the U.S. Department of Commerce at an embassy posting. His international experience includes working in Corporate Planning with a Mitsubishi group company in Tokyo, Product Management at a Vodafone spin-off in the Netherlands, and Managing Director of Palm South Africa's local wireless affiliate. In the public capital markets he has held various positions as both Chief Financial Officer and/or Chief Executive Officer, as well as Directorships with mineral resource, energy, and environmental sector companies. He has also held a capital markets advisory position with Naturally Advanced Technologies, Inc. (now called Crailar TSXV:CL), and as Vice President of Global Sales Initiatives for MicroCoal Technologies, Inc. (CSE:MTI) Mr. Gusko is an independent Director on the Board of Directors of Lomiko Metals, Inc. (TSXV:LMR); Director of Environmental Sciences at Northern Canadian Supplies Ltd; Director of Emergent Waste Solutions, Inc.; and, partner in Sustainable Capital Corporation, specializing in capital advisory to the cleantech industry.