2015 Annual General and Special Meeting


• Robix is focused on the worldwide market for containment, recovery and cleaning equipment in the oil spill protection industry.

• Robix is commercializing the C Series Clean Ocean Vessel, a patented revolutionary oil spill clean up technology (scaleable technology for small and large spills).

• Recovers oil in rough ocean waters, lakes, rivers, tailings ponds and in virtually any conditions even 8 ft. waves.

• Constructed the C160 for commercial deployment and demonstration to customers.

• Available for immediate shipment to customer site. Mexico and Eastern Canada are early target markets. Sales channels established in Mexico. Building order book.

• Strong management team, proven product and sales channels, growing market.

Robix Marketing Presentation February 2016

CSeries Specification Sheet      CSeries Brochure

See a Slideshow of the Current COV Being Built

       COV Built and Tested in 1990's