COV Technology

The COV is an ocean vessel, catamaran-hull barge design, capable of recovering oil from water, in virtually any conditions, especially in rough seas (40 Foot COV is stable up to Beaufort 6, or 8 feet ocean waves). Contra-rotating drums lift oil/water fluid from the surface of the ocean and scavenger blades “scrape” the oil/water fluid off the drums into storage tanks within the catamaran hulls. A prototype of the technology has been tested, is proven and scaleable. The COV has received independent verification through a Certificate of Endorsement by COPP, the USA based Committee for Oil Pollution Prevention.

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How the COV compares to the competition:

1.Rates of oil recovered and recovery-throughput efficiencies are noted as “oil rate of recovery” (ORR) and “recovery efficiency” (RE).

2.The water surface lifting force generated by the COV’s patented contra-rotating drums acts in a suction or pumping manner that increases the ORR compared to conventional skimmer systems and the RE of the COV is in the 90-97% range. This is competitive with best in class 21st century technology in terms of ORR and RE.

3.Further improvements to the ORR (in terms of gallons per minute) could easily catapult the COV to “top three” status, by increasing the surface area of the drums through design modifications without impairing the stability of the vessel which is inherent to the COV design.

4.When our competitors’ skimmer systems meet waves above 18 inches, they are forced to suspend service. The COV operates in rough sea conditions (as high as 8 feet waves), significantly out-performing its competitors, and stands in a class of its own.

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The COV is a Catamaran style vessel with ballast tanks for stable floatation (3-D description above)¨The principles of the technology are two-fold:1.Oleophilic principle of physics – basic affinity between oil and metal (oil clings to drums as they spin) 2.Bernoulli effect – The contra rotating drums cause a “pumping action” which assists the oil to collect more effectively than by one rotating drum ¨Available in scaled sizes of 10 ft., 20 ft., 40 ft., or 80 ft. in length. ¡For example:  a 40 ft. unit is 40 ft. long, 26 ft. wide, and 12 ft. deep.